Mindfulness 101
A simple introduction to mindfulness.
You're probably hearing about mindfulness EVERYWHERE.
Maybe you've said to yourself,
"I should start meditating!"

And you then wondered . . .

* what do I even DO when I meditate?
* so do I just, like, sit there?
* what if I can't. stop. thinking?
* no, seriously, what if I CAN'T. STOP. ALL. THE. THINKING?

Don't worry -- I got you covered.
Sarah Rudell Beach
Executive Director, Brilliant Mindfulness LLC
Chief Mindfulness Officer, Left Brain Buddha
Mindful Schools Certified Instructor

"Mindfulness is life-changing. Let me show you how."
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You'll get:
Guided Meditations
begin your practice with a few different meditations so you have a variety of daily practice options
Written Lessons
deepen your understanding of mindfulness with step-by-step guidance (so there's no confusion!)
Instructional Videos
discover how mindfulness will help you reduce your stress and live with greater ease
It's a simple way to get started
on this simple practice
that isn't always easy.
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Why learn mindfulness?
a growing body of research continues to reveal the amazing benefits of mindfulness and meditation, including:
increased empathy and compassion
decreased emotional reactivity
increased levels of happiness, optimism, and well-being
better sleep, improved immune functioning, and less chronic pain
decreased depression and anxiety
increased focus and concentration
Did I mention that the course is FREE?
Yep -- FREE!

Can I get a high five?
In Mindfulness 101, you'll learn:
what mindfulness is, what it's not, and why it's great "exercise for the mind"
how to meditate and access inner calm, joy, and peace when you need them
the most common myths about mindfulness (hint: mindfulness is not what you think!)
how to work with ALL THE THOUGHTS in your monkey mind
the most common "mistakes" beginning meditators make ... and how to navigate them
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A simple introduction
to a powerful practice.

You CAN live with greater ease.
Let's get started.
It takes a village...
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